Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

    • Q: I know my airport of arrival, can I perform a search for this airport only ?

      A: Sure:

      1) select the country where this airport is located,

      2) in the results page, you will be able to filter flight tickets for this airport only.

    • Q: I cannot find my arrival/departure airport in the list, can you add it ?

      A: At this stage we have configured Tweak my trip to take into account the largest airports around the world. Therefore, some small/medium size airports might be missing, but get in touch with our support and we will do our best to add yours:

    • Q: I want to find direct flights only, how should I proceed ?

      A: In the results page, you should use the filter "direct flights only".

    • Q: I know the exact dates of my trip, can I use Tweak my trip ?

      A: Of course:

      1) set your period of vacation with the start date and end date of your trip,

      2) set your trip duration with the exact number of days of your trip,

      In this case, Tweak my trip will search for trips corresponding exactly to your departure/return dates.

    • Q: The prices I get with Tweak my trip are not identical to the ones of the flight tickets providers.

      A: There are two reasons for this :

      1) Airline companies change their prices very frequently ;

      2) There is a lapse of time between the moment when you submit your query to Tweak my trip and the moment when the results become available. Prices may have fluctuated during this time.

    • Q: Why do I need to register with an email address to be able to use Tweak my trip ?

      A: Tweak my trip queries can be really complex (multiple countries, multiple airports within each country, many combinations of possible dates and trip durations) and results cannot be provided instantly, but need to be communicated at a later date.

      Notifying them by email seems to us as the best solution at this stage.

      This might evolve in the future.

    • Q: How does Tweak my trip make money ?

      A: At Tweak my trip, our mission is to help you find trips which fit best into your budget, your vacation dates and destination choices.

      At this stage our first priority is to provide you with a good service. So please share your feedback, both good and bad, in order to help us develop our platform.

      As to the making money part:

      1) We have created the "Diamond account" status for intensive or professional users of our service. Prices are available on demand by email : ;

      2) We have certain partnership agreements with travel agencies which provide us with retro commissions every time that you, our users, buy tickets on these agencies' platforms, after being redirected to them by Tweak my trip. However this does not mean a higher trip price for you (the price of the flight is the same as when you connect yourself directly to these travel agencies' websites, without going through Tweak my trip).

      So we count on your purchases at our partners to keep our core feature free.

    • Q: How does Tweak my Trip protect my privacy and are my personal details secure ?

      A: At Tweak my trip, we take your security and protection of your personal details very seriously.

      We use several security technologies and we work hard to keep your personal information safe and protected from unauthorized access or abuse.

      Our Privacy Policy is transparent about how we use your personal details.

    • Q: Does Tweak my trip website use cookies ?

      A: Yes, we need cookies on your computer to enhance your user experience on our website.

      Error Message: "Your browser is not currently set to accept cookies". You must enable cookies to use Tweakmytrip.

    • Q: How can I help Tweak my trip ?

      A: We are open to any kind of support. Let us know by email if you have something to share : .